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NINA: I thought, maybe it's not totally inconceivable that someone would . . . love me. Like crazy, if I just met the right person.
PATRICK: But then you did.
NINA: [becoming teary] Things can change, so much.
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Asher Keddie and Rodger Corser talk to Chrissie and Jane on Mix 101.1

SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WJT1qgtwZs

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CHRISSIE: Speaking of Offspring, it was on the news on the weekend that it's not coming back is that . . . and then ten are saying . . .
ASHER: No, you know what? Absolutely nothing has changed, that was a very strange report.
CHRISSIE: It was huge!
ASHER: Yeah, no, no, John never said anything of the sort. Nothing has changed, there's still a conversation going on and that's all I know.
ASHER: Same as it was last week.
RODGER: They want me actually.
CHRISSIE: Oh they want Rodger Corser!
RODGER: Yeah they want me in there and you know . . .
CHRISSIE: He's the new doctor.
RODGER: Yes, I'm Patrick's brother.
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    Asher doesn’t act. Her technique is to put herself through the emotional wringer and really generate those feelings, so when you see those close-ups of her, they are so compelling because it’s real emotion. As someone who works with her, it’s hard not to worry about what she puts herself through in the name of drama.
— Michael Lucas (via everything-offspring)
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"So you’re probably wondering if what you think happened last night, happened last night. It did. I went to Mick and we made love."

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#AsherKeddie and #RodgerCorser will be on @theprojecttv tonight! #PartyTricks

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Not long now until #partytricks starts! Hopefully in the next few weeks! They’ve been playing the ad a lot lately 😊😁💗 #asherkeddie #rodgercorser

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Flight Facilities Crave You Offspring: Music From The Hit Series


Crave You// Flight Facilities 

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    Sometimes it’s best to pretend the show ended before the series finale

Fans everywhere

It doesn’t even matter what the show is

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